“On Stage” (B)

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Line 2: The ‘messenger’ constitutes another prominent and distinctive feature of Greek Tragedy.

Whereas ancient Greek tragic messengers are normally anxious and worried about the events they communicate, Seferis’ messengers are relaxed and ‘dressed in a fresh change of clothes’. This deviation from the norm indicates their detachment from the ongoing events and marks a distinction from their ancient counterparts.



Line 11 : ‘ as for a notorious crime’

Even though the crime is not named, the preceding references to the chorus (A,2), the messengers (B,2) and the amphiteatre (B,8), in conjuction with the adjective ‘notorious’ tagged to the crime, seem to be indicative of a murder that was commited in a Greek tragic play. This suspicion is verified in part C, where Clytemnestra comes to the foreground. 


Mythic Characters



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