International Conference on the Reception of Ancient Greek Myth (21-22 December 2014)


Dear All,

We would like to give advance notice of an international conference to be held by the ‘Eumenides Project’ (Open University of Cyprus), which is funded by the Cyprus Research Promote Foundation on 21 and 22 December 2014. 

The conference will bring together experts from Greece, UK, USA, and Cyprus, who will give papers on the reception of ancient Greek myth in Modern Greek Poetry and Theatre.

Confirmed speakers include:

Anastasia Bakogianni (The Open University)

Roderick Beaton (King’s College London)

Lorna Hardwick (The Open University)

Ioannis Konstantakos (University of Athens)

Vayos Liapis (Open University of Cyprus)

Michael Paschalis (University of Crete)

Antonis Petrides (Open University of Cyprus)

Dimitris Tziovas (University of Birmingham)

Gonda van Steen (The University of Florida)


Conference Organisers: Vayos Liapis, Antonis Petrides, Maria Pavlou

Further arrangements and the final programme of the conference will be provided in due course. Visit our website ( and follow us on Twitter (@EumenidesProjec) and Facebook (Eumenides Project) in order to stay informed. 

Feel free to address any enquires to Maria Pavlou (‘Eumenides Project’ Administrator) at





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