“Saint Nicholas Cats”

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The dirge of the Fury in the poem’s Epigraph alludes to the constant injustice; and it extends to the present as well. This perpetual trial (δοκιμασία) is alluded to in the reference to the cats that had killed the snakes but have died because of their venom.

A highly politicised poem written only a few days before Seferis’ denouncement of dictatorship. 




‘Yet, all the same, without a lyre, my soul, / itself its teacher too, chants from within
Erinus’ dirge, not having now the whole / of Hope’s dear boldness’ (Tὸν δ’ἄνευ λύρας ὅμως ὑμνωδεῖ / θρῆνον Ἐρινύος/αὐτοδίδακτος ἔσωθεν / θυμός, οὐ τὸ πᾶν ἔχων / ἐλπίδος φίλον θράσος).

 A verbatim allusion to Αeschylus’ Agamemnon 990-993. Seferis notes that he was planning to use the above passage as an Epigraph in the Mythistorema, but finally preferred a locution from Rimbaud.


Mythic Characters



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